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This is just a collection of some of the posts that I would recommend to viewers of this blog.

An introduction into the world of investing

Tips for New Investors

To learn more about Financial Statements

You can read more able it in my section on Understanding Financial Statements:

Understanding Financial Statements (Part 1) - Income Statement

Understanding Financial Statements (Part 2) - Balance Sheet

Understanding Financial Statements (Part 3) - The Cash Flow Statement

Understanding Financial Statements (Part 4) - Financial Ratios 

Valuing Stocks

If you want to learn more about finding out the intrinsic value of stocks, look at these posts

Intrinsic Value - Dividend Discount Model

Intrinsic Value - Discounted Cash Flow Model


Some of my thoughts on budgeting can be seen in these posts

Saving - Start Knowing Where Your Money Goes

Saving - More Money Through the Door

Advice on Spending Money in Your 20s-30s

What is an Emergency Fund and Why You Should Have One

5 Ways to Start Building Your Emergency Fund

4 Quadrants of Money Management

For general views on Investing

Thoughts on Investing for Dividend Yields

Why Fundamental Analysis is the Way to Go

Growth Investing vs Value Investing

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